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  • Amazon image to suggest WordPress hosting, the possibilities are endless

    Why would you host your WordPress site on Amazon?

    WordPress is arguably today’s most popular blogging platform, also called a content management system. In some sense the two labels have blurred boundaries as technology changes and blogging takes on an increasingly sophisticated role. It began its life as an offshoot from another blogging application called b2 in 2003. Since then WordPress has come a […]

  • Kudos for Imre, referred by RapidHost

    Before we talk about Rapidhost, let me state this: Some hosting companies are truly very difficult to deal with. I will give you a clue and an example. Clue: Carry out the mathematical operation on the company name and the answer = 2 Example: Try to move a domain or talk to support and you […]

  • Namesco

    You can count on Namesco

    A big thanks must go to Micheal Follet and Tom Vernon. Here at Imre we had a huge incident that tied us up in knots for the whole week. Tom and Micheal were very efficient, pulled out all the stops, and got us up and running in super quick time. Offered great advice and were […]